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The My team section is a manager’s launching pad for Coach. Here you can quickly access your team members, see how they are doing over the last six sessions, and get a feel of how your team is doing in general.  


You can also perform some core functions such as:

  1. Reschedule a 1-on-1

  2. Edit your 1-on-1 questions

  3. Cancel a 1-on-1

  4. Review team member goals





  • If my team members are on different cadences, how do you track the team averages?


For each week, it will take the average of the team members who submitted their 1-on-1 Pulse. If no 1-on-1 Pulse’s are sent that week, it will skip it. If nobody responds to a 1-on-1 that week, it will show a grey bar. 

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