Change or Reset Your Password

If you log into Limeade Listening with a unique password and not with the Google or Microsoft integration, or use your company's portal, resetting your Limeade Listening password is easy.


Administrators cannot reset passwords for employees, so if you are an admin, please pass this article along to any employee who might need password assistance. 


If you remember your password


If you are logged in and know your existing Limeade Listening password, click your profile picture or initials in the top right and select Profile. Under your photo or initials, you will see a Change password link.



Click that to update your password (you must enter your existing password in order to update it successfully). Select the Update button to save your new password, and you are done. 



If you do not remember your password


  1. From a Limeade Listening supported browser, go to or click on the "Forgot Password?" button below the log in fields in the sign-in page after entering in your email address.

  2. Type your Limeade Listening email address into the box and click the Reset Password link.    


  3. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from Limeade Listening to continue (it can take up to ten minutes for the email to be delivered). 

  4. Click the Reset Password button in the email.


  1. On the next page, enter and reenter your new password.  


  1. Select Save New Password to complete the process. 

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