Why did my Segment labels go away?

Segment labels can disappear if you have:

  • Less than 5 users who are receiving Engage Surveys in all of your Segments
  • Between 1-4 users who are not in a Segment (No Segment in Settings -> Groups -> Segments)

To have your Segment labels show up again, you will want to make sure that all of your Segments meet our 5 user minimum and have either 0 or more than 5 users who are not assigned to a Segment. Once you have made this change, your next survey should have the Segment labels on the Responses again.

However, to have your Segment labels populate for your current or historical surveys, we would need to backfill your Segment data (all of your historical data would be realigned with your current Segments).

If you would like to have your Segment data backfilled or want to have us look into why your Segment labels have disappeared, please reach out to our Support team (click here).

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