Segment Admin Guide

What is a Segment Admin?


The Segment Admin permission is often assigned to managers, the heads of departments and other managerial roles. They may not need access to employee data from the entire organization. But they have the resources and ability to interact with employees from their assigned segment(s) and act on the feedback accordingly. 


The role of a Segment Admin is not only designed to offload admin work from Super Admins and Admins but also to empower managers that are “closer to the action” at the departmental level to own their specific engagement trends and interact with their employees to address particularly relevant feedback. 


Note: you can assign just one or multiple Segments for a Segment Admin to manage.


Admin View

The Engage Dashboard is the place to go when you want to see all the Responses, Suggestions, and Cheers for Peers Leaders from the Segment(s) you are assigned to. The default page when opening the TINYpulse Engage Dashboard gives you an overview of the current survey results. Deep dive into Responses, Cheers, and Suggestions by using the left sidebar navigation or clicking on See All on the top right corner of each section.


Segment Admins can view, comment, and “like” Wins in the Employee Portal, but you cannot create a Win directly on the Wins Board. However, you can turn a Suggestion or Response into a Win by using the "Set Status" drop-down. Then it will show up on both the Wins Board and the Wall of Wins.



How to Private Message?

Sometimes you need more information to act on very specific Suggestions or Responses, which can be challenging to follow up on without additional context. Private messaging allows Segment Admins to start an anonymous conversation with Segment-specific employees (the employee remains anonymous, the Segment Admin is identified) so additional information can be surfaced without compromising the protection of the employee’s identity. 


Send a Private Message to employees who enter a qualitative response from an Engage survey or a Suggestion. Just find the Response or Suggestion you want to send a message about and click the Private Message button. A text field will appear just below the Response or Suggestion where you can start the dialog. 


When sending out a Private Message, be sure to thank the respondent for speaking up and focus the reply on WHAT, instead of WHO, so that your employees feel safe to share more information. Always encourage respondents to suggest a solution from their point of view and stay open to discussion. Keep in mind that transparency is the key to building trust.


Share Engage results

We always recommend holding a TINYpulse review meeting with your team in person to open up channels of communication and promote transparency within your team. 


Segment Admins can export segmented Engage data, by survey period, for their Segments in the Engage Dashboard on the Share page. View an entire history of your TINYpulse survey results and select Create Report to share results via a link, export to a PowerPoint presentation, or export to a .csv file. So, you are probably wondering, which format is right for me?


The PowerPoint export is perfect for sharing with executives who want an overview of the teams’ survey results without digging into the details. Export to a .csv file if you want to analyze the data in-depth and create your own charts and presentations. The Shareback Report generates a URL for you to share with the whole team. We find this very useful for teams with a remote workforce.


When should you collaborate with Super Admins and Admins?

  • When you want to schedule a survey for your segments.

Reach out to your Super Admins or Admins to schedule a segment-specific Flexible Survey for your assigned Segment(s) to gather targeted feedback.

  • When you want to escalate an issue to have more visibility among management.

When you receive a piece of feedback that requires upper management to take action, comment and @mention the Super Admin or Admin to bring further attention to that issue. Doing so allows you to collaborate and crowdsource solutions as an Admin team.

  • When you want to create a Win on the Wins Board.

Note that Segment Admin can only move a piece of response or Suggestion to the Wins Board using the "Set Status" drop-down on Admin Dashboard. Reach out to your Super Admin and Admin if your segments achieve a Win from initiative outside of TINYpulse and you want to create a Win to share with the whole company. 

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