Install the TINYpulse Gmail Add-on

Many of us live in our email inboxes and if you are a user of Gmail, there is no easier way to respond to your pulse survey, send Cheers, or give Suggestions than with the TINYpulse for Gmail add-on.


The first step to integrating TINYpulse into your everyday workflow is by taking a moment to install the add on from the G Suite Marketplace. 


1. Go to the G Suite Marketplace and search for the TINYpulse app or just click this link.


2. Click the Install button.  



3. Click Continue to give TINYpulse permission to start the install. 


4. Select the Gmail account in which you would like to install the add-on. 


5. Visit your Gmail Inbox and you will now see the TINYpulse icon in the right side tray but you are not quite done yet!



6. Find any TINYpulse email in your Inbox and open it while you have the TINYpulse add-on open in the right panel (note that the email needs to be located in your Inbox and an email in your Trash folder will not work). 


7. Click the Login button in the add-on to finish set up. 


To use the TINYpulse add-on, just open any email from TINYpulse and you can send Cheers and give anonymous Suggestions, as well as respond to any open pulse survey you may have.



Note that the TINYpulse for Gmail add-on is only available for TINYpulse Engage. Users will not be able to use it to respond to their Onboard Surveys or access any Coach functionality like responding to 1-on-1s and giving 360 Feedback. Visit the TINYpulse application via any email link or by going directly to at any time. 

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