Customize Insights with the TINYpulse Dashboard

TINYpulse is an invaluable tool to get insights into the employee experience and help maximize your talent's potential. But with four main modules, a recognition component, and more, how do you know what needs your attention first?


Thankfully the TINYpulse dashboard can help. It's one central location to get high-level insights on Onboard, Engage, and Cheers, allowing you to scan one screen and know exactly what needs your most immediate attention.  




TINYpulse Engage Super Admins and Admins are automatically granted access to the TINYpulse Dashboard and it will be displayed as the homepage when you log in to TINYpulse. All other access levels do not have access to this dashboard and will simply see the apps they have access to like Onboard, Engage, LIVEpulse, etc.


Customize your dashboard


Currently, six panels make up the TINYpulse Dashboard; Onboard, Engage, Exit, Cheers, Compare Categories, and Private Message Activity. These six panels tie together TINYpulse insights giving you a high-level overview of each. Depending on your role, you can remove a tile from the dashboard or add one from the bank to ensure you get relevant data to stay on top of all of your TINYpulse feedback. See available tiles by clicking the > icon in the upper left corner. 


Engage response score looking low? Start there. Alarming feedback from a new hire? Better check it out in Onboard. Just click any one tile to go directly to the corresponding app for a deep dive into the data. Think about this dashboard as your springboard into TINYpulse, saving you time by highlighting what needs your attention rather than requiring you to go through app by app. 



Interested in using TINYpulse data in your own visualization solutions? Check out our TINYpulse API! Start by reading through our developer documentation. If you are a Super Admin, you can generate a new API key by going to Users and Settings → Integrations → API Integration

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