View Responses by Segments and Filters

Once users are assigned to a segment and/or a filter, you can select and view data in a more sophisticated way. Just keep an eye out for a filter on the left panel of the responses, suggestions, and Cheers tabs. Choose the desired segments, filters, and boom, you are done. You can also filter by segment with Visualize as well. 


Note: To protect anonymity, when a user is assigned to a particular segment is changed from one segment to another, their past responses will remain with the original segment. Their responses will only be included in the new segment for all surveys going forward, but will not be moved retroactively unless you reach out to our Support team who can backfill your segment data for you.


Segment View

Viewing data by segment allows you to view both the quantitative and qualitative survey responses, graphs, numbered responses, and additional feedback. You can also view suggestions, Cheers, and Visualize data by segment.  Selecting multiple segments will allow you to see the combined results from the chosen segments.



Filter View


Viewing survey responses by filter only displays quantitative results and you will not be able to see the qualitative data to protect the anonymity of the responders. Responses viewed by filter will display the average response score and response rate only, without the histogram or additional feedback. Because of this, you can only see the Filters for Scale and Boolean questions. However, quantitative data is still useful to track certain factors by demographics, like happiness. Filters can only be used to narrow the results - selecting multiple filters allows you to see the results from users who match all of the selected filters.



Compare segments


You can see how segments compare against one another by clicking on the See all button in the Top Segments area of your pulse results dashboard or by going to Reports and clicking on the Segments tab. Change the TINYpulse for the week of... dropdown menu to see different periods in time and different questions, or use the filter on the left to see just certain segments. 


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