View Responses by Segments or Attributes

Once users are assigned to Attributes and/or Saved Groups, you can select and view data in a more sophisticated way using the drop-down selection for each question in each of the tabs in the Responses page of the Engage section of the Surveys tab. Choose the desired Saved Groups or Attributes, and boom, you are done. You can also filter by Saved Group with Visualize as well.

Note: To protect anonymity, when a user is assigned to a particular Saved Groups/Segments or an Attribute field is changed from one Saved Groups/Segments or Attribute field to another, their past Responses will remain with the original Saved Groups/Segments or Attribute field. Their Responses will only be included in the new Saved Group or Attribute field for all surveys going forward, but will not be moved retroactively unless you reach out to our Support team by clicking here, who can backfill your Segment or Attribute data for you.

Saved Group/Segment View

Viewing data by Saved Group allows you to view both the quantitative (numerical) and qualitative (text) survey Responses, graphs, numbered Responses, and additional feedback. You can also view Suggestions, Cheers, and Visualize data by Segment.  Selecting multiple Saved Groups/Segments will allow you to see the combined results from the chosen Saved Groups/Segments.

Attribute View

For Confidential and Visible Surveys:

Viewing data by Attributes allows you to view both the quantitative and qualitative survey results.

Compare Groups

Viewing your survey results by various groups is just the tip of the iceberg. So much value lies in quickly understanding which groups are thriving and which groups need more support (based on the survey results).

In the Heatmap tab of a survey, you can look at it for your Segments or each of your Attributes.

The scores are comparing against the Organization Average:

  • Green = Scored above the Organization Average
  • Red = Scored below the Organization Average

The darker the shade or red or green the further away the average score for that group is from the Organization Average.

Keep in mind, the Heatmap only displays Scale Questions since they have a numerical value, unlike Open-Text, Multiple Choice, or Boolean questions.

The Categories listed on the left-hand side are the Categories that the questions in the survey are sorted into. So, if your survey consists of questions that only relate to one Category, then only one Category will be displayed.

You can click each Category to see which questions belong to which Category and the corresponding results.

Prefer to view your data by your organization's Score instead of the Average Delta (how far off a group of users is from the organization's average)? We provide an option for that too - just click on the Delta toggle in the top-right corner!

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