Add, Edit, and Cancel Engage Pulse*

Manage your next fifteen questions in the Pulses section of the Engage Dashboard. You can do things like update questions, ask a custom question, postpone a survey, and adjust question order by dragging and dropping questions. 


Update the wording of a question: Change the language or words of a question, without altering the meaning by clicking on the three dots and Edit to the right of the question text. This is a good option if you want to provide a translation for any non-English speaking staff or adjust to Queen's English. 



Replace the question: If there is a question you do not like and want to remove entirely, select the Replace Pulse option to change that week's pulse to your own custom question or select a standard one from the bank. 



Delete a question: Click the Remove link to remove a question from the lineup. Sometimes there will be a question you just do not like or will not work for your organization. This option will remove the question entirely and adjust the entire queue up one week to fill in the gap. 


Postpone a question: Sometimes you will need to skip questions if it is a national holiday, you need more time to process the last pulse's feedback, or for whatever reason. Just click the Postpone 1 Week button to pause the queue. The upcoming lineup won't be changed, TINYpulse will just ask the next question during the next survey. You will get a confirmation with the date of the next pulse and also see the Duration field update in the upcoming question list. 



Resume pulsing: Postponed a question and having remorse? No worries, just click Resume and the survey will send out the next Wednesday. You will also get a confirmation for the next survey date once you hit the button. 



Reorder Questions: Admins can easily change question order by dragging and dropping questions in the lineup! Just click down on the = icon on the left of the question to drag it to a new location in the queue. 



Add a new pulse


Adding a new pulse will insert it to the top of the queue to be sent out the very next survey day. From there, you can leave it or drag and drop it to a later date. 


Create a Custom Question


Companies love that we handle all the planning, thinking, and delivery to gain insights, recognition, and suggestions from their staff. At the same time, these same companies encounter atypical situations like management changes, a move in location, mergers and acquisitions, etc. and would like to ask a customized question that pertains to these situations. Customized questions can also allow you to address your company's culture specifically, as each company will have its own unique cultural identity that may need particular questions to assess changes over time.


To handle this, we've built in the flexibility to ask a custom question within the TINYpulse framework. You can now ask your own question, just like a regular TINYpulse, to help you get the insights you need.


  1. Click on Add New Pulse to add a new question at the top of your queue. In the editor, Create Custom Pulse is the default option, so you are all set to continue.

  2. Choose the question category from the dropdown menu.

  3. Select the type of question you would like to ask: scale, boolean, open text, or multiple choice



  1. Write your question and provide any additional details if needed.

  2. Enter custom label text. 

    • For scale questions, enter the low and high score labels. Some examples include, strongly disagree/strongly agree, never/always, etc. 

    • For boolean questions, you will have to enter the positive and negative options like yes/no, absolutely/no way, etc. 

    • The possibilities are endless for multiple-choice questions! Add up to ten response options for each multiple-choice pulse.

  1. Specify who should receive the pulse, either all employees or just those from specific segments. Learn more about pulsing employees from specific segments

  2. Click Save and the question will be added to the top of the list and will be sent out once it is time for your next TINYpulse survey. 


Add a question from the question bank


In addition to the ability to create your own question, TINYpulse is loaded with a bank of categorized questions for you to choose from. To add a question from the question bank you need to:


  1. Click on Add New Pulse and change the option to Choose from Question Bank.


  2. Narrow down questions by selecting an option from the Question Category dropdown menu. Otherwise, browse through all available questions by going directly to the Question dropdown. 

  3. Make your question selection. 

  4. Specify who should receive the pulse, either all employees or just those from specific segments. Learn more about segment pulses. 

Click Save and the question will be added to the top of the list and will be sent out once it is time for your next TINYpulse survey. 

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