Manage the TINYpulse Happiness Question


How happy are you at work


This question is the cornerstone of TINYpulse Engage as it is our mission to make employees happier. Keeping that goal in mind, the Happiness Question is the only pulse question that is scheduled on a regular cadence. We believe this will help you take a pulse on how your employees are feeling and if there are any issues of the moment that need your attention. 


The Happiness Question is automatically scheduled according to your TINYpulse cadence. 


You can change how often the Happiness Question will be asked by going to the Survey Schedule tab in the Engage Admin Dashboard, hover over the Happiness Question, and click on the tab that appears on the left of the Happiness Question to drag it to a new location in the queue. Doing so will move all future Happiness Questions by the same number of weeks to preserve the cadence and benchmarking.


In addition, you may edit the question text or provide a translation while still keeping the benchmarks by selecting the Edit option.



The default schedule for the Happiness Question is:


  • If your Pulse Surveys go out every week: Once every four Pulse Surveys

  • If your Pulse Surveys go out every other week: Once every six Pulse Surveys

  • If your Pulse Surveys go out every four weeks: Once every six Pulse Surveys


Asking this question on a regular basis will also let you monitor overall happiness over time. Just go to Reports -> Happiness Trend in the administrator dashboard to see your company's happiness trend compared to the industry benchmark and the overall benchmark of all organizations using TINYpulse Engage. 


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