TINYpulse 1-on-1's improve team performance and build better leaders. As a leader, you're probably already holding 1-on-1 meetings with your direct reports, but are they getting stale? Is each and every session as insightful and inspiring as it could be? 

TINYpulse 1-on-1's gives leaders and their direct reports a framework to hold consistently productive 1-on-1 meetings to ensure goals are on track and employees are getting the support they need to continue growing in their careers month by month, and year by year. 

This tool is in its early stages and available by invite only. Please hop on the waitlist if you're a leader looking to improve the quality of your 1-on-1 meetings.

Get started with Coach 1-on-1's

If you're a leader of direct reports, follow these quick steps to sync your calendar and get your teams started with 1-on-1 pulses. If you're an employee who's received a 1-on-1 pulse, scroll down to the next section to learn more. 

Before you begin, note that you must sign up with a Google account. If you're an Outlook user or do not have a Google account for work, you won't be able to use TINYpulse 1-on-1 at this time but we're working on it! 

1. Open the invitation URL provided by TINYpulse.

2. Link your existing Google Account by selecting Sign up with Google


3. Select your work Google account from the list to continue. 

4. Choose a calendar where you'd like your 1-on-1 meetings to live. This can be your default account calendar or a separate one that you've created. Proceed with the Select Calendar button.


5. Now you'll see all events that are currently on your calendar with only one other attendee. Check the boxes of any of these meetings that are in fact 1-on-1's. 

6. If you still need to schedule your 1-on-1's, no problem! Just select click here to schedule them now. You'll also have the opportunity to add a 1-on-1 later in Coach so you can skip this step if you'd like.


7. Once all of your 1-on-1's are scheduled, click Sync Event to proceed. 

And now you're ready to go! Review the scheduled events, add more, or take a look around the rest of the Coach 1-on-1 module. 


In the Coach 1-on-1 module you can view meetings you have scheduled, the status, upcoming email notifications, and employee responses once they've been submitted. You can also add a new 1-on-1 at any time by clicking the button in the upper right corner.


Complete your first 1-on-1 pulse

TINYpulse 1-on-1's are a great way to connect with your manager and get the support you need to keep your career moving forward. By dedicating just a few minutes before each 1-on-1 to complete your pulse and note down your agenda items, you'll be on your way to more productive and beneficial 1-on-1 sessions!

1. Open your invitation email from TINYpulse and click the button to get started.


2. Coach 1-on-1 requires you to sign up with your Google account for work. Read the access conditions and click Allow to proceed. If you do not accept these conditions then, unfortunately, you won't be able to proceed.


3. Here's your first 1-on-1 pulse survey. Take some time to enter your responses and click Submit to send your notes directly to your manager. We'll also send a copy to your own inbox. 


And now the next step is sitting down for your 1-on-1 conversation with your leader. Use your responses and agenda items as a starting point to have a productive and beneficial discussion!