Export a Goals Report

**This version of Coach was retired in 2019. Please do not refer to these articles unless you are still on the legacy version of Coach.**


Using TINYpulse Coach to track progress towards goals and talking through performance in 1-on-1 meetings with managers is a critical component to employee success, engagement, and happiness. 

But as an HR leader, director, CEO, or president, you need visibility into the process to ensure employees are progressing and that managers are doing their part to remove roadblocks. That's why Coach goals reporting helps Administrators answer these critical business questions:

  • What goals are employees working towards and how are they trending?
  • Which managers are effectively coaching their teams and which ones aren't?
  • Who's performing well and is eligible for a promotion?  And who is underperforming and may be in need of support via a PIP? 

Coach goals CSV reports are available on-demand so you can produce one in a few clicks whenever the need to audit strikes. Choose one of two CSV export reports to get all the information you need to understand how each team and individual is performing. 

You must be a Coach Administrator in order to access this reporting functionality. Please speak with your TINYpulse administrator if you need to have your permissions adjusted. 

Reporting options

TINYpulse Coach offers two types of CSV report: a Manager view and a Detail view. Keep reading to learn about each and how they can help you audit the performance management process. 

Manager view report

The Manager view report helps Administrators understand how well each team is performing and how effectively a manager is working with their teams. You can see high-level statistics like how many goals the team is working towards, the team's average performance, and compliance against completing the evaluation process. Use this export to understand how each team is doing and how well managers are using Coach to set goals and give continuous feedback to their teams. 


Detail view report

The Detail view reports give you a comprehensive insight into the goals each employee is working towards, their average performance, evaluation compliance, and more. Use this report to see who is working on what and how they're progressing. 


Run a goals report

Now that you know which report is for you, running it is simple!


  1. Open your Coach Dashboard.
  2. Select Export Goal Details in the Reporting section.
  3. Choose which type of report you'd like to run, the Manager view or Detail view. Note that you can only trigger one report at a time and you'll have to come back if you'd like to export both views. 
  4. Select your time period. You can choose the current rating period, the past rating period (the last full cycle), or a custom date range. 
  5. Choose the goal status to filter out certain states that you don't need to see in the export. 
  6. Click Done to complete.


Now you've successfully requested a goal export and we'll need just a few minutes to produce your report. Keep an eye on your email inbox as we'll mail it to you once it's complete. Once you see the confirmation screen, feel free to trigger another export or continue on with your work in TINYpulse as usual. 


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