Suggestions are a great way to give your anonymous feedback to administrators about anything and everything. You receive regular pulse surveys requesting your thoughts on anything from your organization's recognition programs to mentorship, but what if you have a concern and solution to improve safety in your workplace? Or what about a tool you'd like to suggest to improve efficiency for your team? 

Submitting an anonymous suggestion is the perfect way to voice these thoughts without having to put yourself out there. 

Give a suggestion

You can submit anonymous suggestions whenever the thought pops into your mind. Give a suggestion:

Make suggestions actionable

No one likes ambiguity. The more specific and actionable your suggestion is, the better your chances are of it getting addressed by administrators. So be as specific as possible always propose a solution. Giving a suggestion without a solution is just a complaint!

Send a private suggestion

Your suggestions are always anonymous, but selecting Share with admins only will hide it from both the LIVEpulse feed and the Shareback reports admins share with employees. This private suggestion option ensures that only your administrators can view it and it won't be shared with any other employees.