We want you to have a flawless experience when using our product. That's why we're always thinking of new ways to make it faster and easier to respond to feedback, maintain employee engagement, and build a world-class culture. Discover the latest product news below and follow the links to explore our how-to guides.

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September 2019

Set up email notification preferences for yourself and your team

Enable email notifications for employees to stay up to date with important TINYpulse activities and take part in the conversation. Head over to your personal profile to make sure you don't miss out on things that matter the most to you. 

Plan your pulsing strategy with more confidence

Now you’ll be able to differentiate custom questions from default questions in the question bank. Look for the time stamp on benchmark questions so you can plan your pulsing strategies to track trends over time. 

August 2019

Customize timezone setting based on your team location.

Have a workforce scattered around different timezones? Worried pulse questions will get buried deep in their inbox? Now you can send pulse surveys to different timezones to make sure they reach your employees at the most relevant time. Contact us at support@tinypulse.com to get it set up.

June 2019

Evangelize peer recognition and company achievements with Culture Feed

Got spare TVs lying around the office? Turn them into culture advocates by streaming Cheers and Wins in one feed that's always up to date. Enjoy the flexibility to create feeds based on segments and manage from one centralized location. Get started with this guide.  

Export team and individual performance summaries in a few clicks

Keep track of team performance and view progress towards goals with two on-demand reports. Now it takes no time to compile the reports, so you can spend more time making sure managers are coaching employees regularly. Learn how

May 2019

Get quantitative feedback to facilitate your performance review process 

Ask 5-point scale questions to measure and track team performance. You can also request written answers to get a complete picture of how individuals perform. Here's the complete guide to request 360 Feedback. 

April 2019

Turn feedback into actions and keep your employees updated

Send notifications and add more details before moving a response or suggestion from the Engage Admin Dashboard to the Wins Board. Read more.

Send 360 Feedback requests now, add more recipients later

Worried that you missed someone from the 360 Feedback request? No pressure to get it right the first time. Now you have one month to add more people to the request after it's been sent out. Read more.

View and manage all integrations in one place

No need to hop between TINYpulse app and website to check if you've taken advantage of all available integrations. We've updated our Integrations page in the app, so you can view and manage existing integrations while exploring what else could be connected to create a seamless TINYpulse experience for both admins and employees. Check it out.

March 2019

Private message inbox is only one click away

Private message inbox has its own place on the top navbar next to Notifications! View, respond to and organize important conversations with fewer clicks.

Share 360 Feedback made easy

We've added a Share button to the top right corner of every 360 Feedback, so you can share the results with relevant groups to close the feedback loop. Once you click on the Share button and enter the recipients' email addresses, a notification email will be triggered to let them know they have new feedback to view. Read more.

Bring employee feedback into your own data analysis tools with the TINYpulse API

Pull employee responses, Cheers, private messages, and more from TINYpulse directly into your own data analysis tool, like PowerBI, Tableau, or Domo. That means you can build your own visualization dashboards to reveal connections that would otherwise go unnoticed. Note: adding TINYpulse API to your dashboard requires dedicated developer resources. View our developer documentation to get started.

Archive 360 Feedback for a clean view

Shine a spotlight on feedback that requires immediate attention. Archive old feedback requests to hide them from the dashboard. Feedback can be "unarchived" at any time and won't be deleted from your account.

Respond to surveys, and more, without leaving your Gmail inbox

Install the TINYpulse Gmail add-on to respond to surveys, send Cheers, provide suggestions, and like/comment on suggestions within the email itself. Simply open the email from TINYpulse and then click the add-on to take action. Read more.

Collect 360 feedback self-assessments 

Admins and managers can now request self-assessment from employees.  Simply include the employee's email in the 360 Feedback request to trigger a specialized notification to the person to complete the self-assessment. Note that this option is only available for non-anonymous requests. Read more.

February 2019

More flexibility for TINYgiftcard permission

Super admins can now grant TINYgiftcard permissions to managers or specific individuals so they can also brighten someone else's day with a little something extra. We also added more flexibility to control budget and currency. Plus, recipients can choose from a wide selection of brands when redeeming their TINYgiftcard.

Nudge people to remind them of pending 360 feedback 

No need to follow up with recipients manually. Click on the new Nudge button to send an automatic email reminding them that a co-worker is waiting for their feedback.

January 2019

Translate cultural value into behaviors  

Admins can create short Value Tags based on company cultural values. Employees can then choose from a list of pre-set values and emojis to attach to the Cheers before sending it out. Identify and celebrate cultural leaders to build a unified company culture. Read more.

New menu item for Wins 

We added a new "Wins" menu option for admins and removed the current trophy icon. That means you can create, collaborate and celebrate Wins from one place with improved clarity. Take a look at the new icon. 

A series of 360 Feedback updates for improved consistency and productivity

  • 360 Feedback has its own module on the left sidebar. 
  • Ask custom 360 feedback questions, which can be saved for quick use in the future, across multiple users.
  • Group feedback by initiatives for easy summarization.