Welcome to TINYpulse! We're so glad to have you. The most fundamental component of TINYpulse for employees is responding to your TINYpulse survey. Giving regular feedback is a critical component to a happy and transparent workplace and you should be thrilled your leaders have provided TINYpulse for you as an outlet to give them feedback.

Respond to your TINYpulse Engage survey

Depending on your company, you'll receive an email in your inbox weekly, once every two weeks, or once every four weeks with a new TINYpulse survey. Surveys are always delivered on Wednesdays so keep an eye out for it!

If you're a new hire receiving Onboard pulses, head on over to this article to get started.

Ways to respond to your TINYpulse Engage survey

Survey email: From your email inbox, click the link in your weekly survey email if you're a new user. This will bring you to the survey page on your web browser where you can respond to your pulse survey, send Cheers, and give suggestions. Note that the email will not come from an internal email address; it will come from TINYpulse directly from our 
happiness@tinypulse.com email.

TINYpulse website: After you set your TINYpulse password, you can log into https://app.tinypulse.com whenever you'd like. From here you can respond to an open pulse survey, send Cheers, or give an anonymous suggestion.

Mobile application: TINYpulse has an app for iOS and Andriod where you can do everything! Visit the App or Play store to download it to give feedback whenever inspiration strikes.

Slack: If your admin has enabled TINYpulse for Slack, you can do everything "TINYpulse" without ever having to leave your Slack app!

Teams: Once your administrator has installed the TINYpulse application for Microsoft Teams, you will be able to respond to Pulses in Teams.

Outlook Actionable Messages: If you are using a qualifying version of Outlook, you will be able to open your survey email and respond directly within Outlook without ever having to redirect and sign in to TINYpulse.


If you're hesitant to put yourself out there and give candid feedback to your leaders, you're in luck because TINYpulse Engage* is 100% anonymous for employees. Really.

We here at TINYpulse are completely committed to protecting your anonymity. Our product only works if we closely abide by strict guidelines of anonymity. Your administrators have no access to information about who submitted which response, even if they ask us. You can be completely assured that your identity is completely hidden and is never revealed to anyone by us here at TINYpulse. You can find out more by reading our commitment to anonymity or emailing us at support@tinypulse.com.

*TINYpulse Engage pulses are 100% anonymous, but Onboard surveys for new hires are not. Onboard is designed to facilitate the employee/manager relationship to ensure new hires are set up for long term success in their roles, so responses are not anonymous and are labeled accordingly.  

Change your response

Unfortunately, you can't change your response on your own once you've hit Submit. However, there are certain special cases where you mistakenly reveal your identity, say something that could jeopardize your employment, or do something else that would merit an emergency response from us to edit or delete your feedback. In these cases, please contact us at support@tinypulse.com so that our Support team can remove the problematic part of your feedback for you.