Setting your profile picture in TINYpulse makes your interactions a bit more personal. Of course, your Engage survey responses and suggestions are always 100% anonymous, but Cheers and comments on the LIVEpulse suggestions feed are named. So instead of just displaying grey initials, upload a profile picture to make yourself more recognizable and help build a stronger TINYpulse community. 

Set your profile picture

In the example below, the first three bubbles in the Cheers recommendation show how employees appear when they've set a profile picture. The rightmost image shows your initials by default if you don't. Our research has found that employees who have profile pictures are more recognizable to colleagues using the Cheers recommendation function. Meaning, set your profile picture and you may find yourself getting more Cheers!


  1. Log in to your account at or click the link in your email to your last TINYpulse survey.
  2. Once you're in TINYpulse, click the round circle with your initials or your old profile picture and select My Profile.   

  3. Once you're on your profile page, hover over the circle where your picture should be and click Upload Profile Picture to select a file from your computer. 

  1. Once you have uploaded the picture you would like to use for your profile picture, use the Photo Editor to choose which part of the picture will be shown in your profile.

  2. After you have edited your picture, click on the Upload Photo button and your profile picture will be updated.