If you're looking to take advantage of all of the benefits of SAML SSO with OneLogin, TINYpulse has got you covered. Configure this integration once and save employees from password fatigue in having to maintain a separate login, and bring TINYpulse into your company's app portal for easy access.


In order to configure TINYpulse SAML for OneLogin, you'll need:

  • A OneLogin instance
  • Administrator privileges to OneLogin

Note that you don't need any special TINYpulse permissions for this setup. 

Get started

  1. Reach out to your TINYpulse contact or send us an email at support@tinypulse.comto collect these items needed to configure this integration:
    • SAML Consumer Url
    • SAML Audience
    • SAML Recipient
    • ACS URL Validator
  2. Open the OneLogin Administration portal and select Apps -> Add Apps.

  3. Enter TINYpulse SAML in the search field and click on the results item.

  4. On the Configuration tab, paste in the SAML Consumer URL, SAML Audience, SAML Recipient, and ACS URL Validator which have been given to you by your friendly TINYpulse contact.

  5. Click over to the SSO tab and copy the Issuer URL. 
  6. Send the Issuer URL to your TINYpulse contact via email and we'll do the rest. 

Once we have your Issuer URL, we'll help to complete this integration within three working days.