If your organization uses Microsoft Teams, we already know it's one of your main go-to applications at the office. And this is exactly why we're meeting you where you work with the TINYpulse application for Microsoft Teams! This app lets you give anonymous feedback to your leaders via your regular pulse survey without having to open a browser and log in to TINYpulse.

If you're an administrator interested in installing the TINYpulse application for Microsoft Teams for your organization, head on over here for step by step instructions. If you're an employee who wants to learn how to respond to your TINYpulse survey in Teams, keep reading!

Respond to pulses in Teams

Once your administrator has installed the TINYpulse application for Microsoft Teams, you'll be automatically notified once a new pulse survey has opened up. 

View your survey by clicking the ... icon and selecting TINYpulse. 

Respond to your pulse here by making your selection and/or entering your qualitative feedback to help administrators better understand how you're feeling. Select the Answer Anonymously button to submit your response, and that's it! 

Remember that Engage pulses are always 100% anonymous and this is noted on the submit button (Answer Anonymously). If you're new to your company, Onboard pulses for new hires are also available in Teams. Just remember that your response isn't anonymous to better facilitate your leaders in following up to help you get what you need in order to be successful in your role. 

Visit TINYpulse at any time to give an anonymous suggestion or send Cheers. All Cheers, suggestions, initiatives, and Wins can be streamed to Teams for full transparency, so don't be afraid to nudge your admins if they haven't enabled this component yet!