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**This version of Coach was retired in 2019. Please do not refer to these articles unless you are still on the legacy version of Coach.**

Coach is a personal development tool to facilitate and document inspiring 1:1 meetings. Set goals in Coach to use as a starting point to kick off those important 1:1 discussions. Use this tool to elevate your career as an employee and coach your team up as a manager by setting effective goals, reflecting on performance, and getting (or giving) constructive feedback to level up performance every day. 


Create a team goal

If you're a leader, team goals are a great way to align your team. Create a goal and assign it to the entire team or to specific individuals. Track progress over time by rating performance on a regular basis, and provide individual comments or constructive feedback to help your team improve.

Before you begin: You must be a manager in Coach to create team goals and assign them to your direct reports.

  1. Go to the Goals screen and click New Goal > Team in the upper right corner. 
  2. Give the goal a good title and enter the description in the details section. 
    • Tip: The best goals are SMART so make sure your goal is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Here's an example:
    • "Increase sales": This goal isn't specific (Increase sales by how much?), measurable (Is success considered any sort of increase or is there a specific target you want to hit?), achievable (Can you increase sales? What will you do to get there?), or time-bound (When should I see results?). As you can see, I'm left with a lot of questions surrounding this goal. 
    • "Increase sales of Products X, Y, and Z by 12% by the end of Q4 2018.": This goal is specific (products X, Y, and Z), measurable (12%), achievable (I'll trust it for the sake of this argument), relevant (I sure hope a salesperson wrote this goal), and time-bound (end of Q2 2016).    
  1. Assign the shared goal to your entire team or just specific team members by clicking the checkbox to the left of their name.
  2. Click Save Changes to complete.


Create a personal goal

Chances are good that your manager will assign you some team goals to align each member of the team to the same objectives. However, your career also has to be driven by you and your objectives. Create some personal goals to track the work that meets both your manager's and your own personal career aspirations.

  1. Go to the Goals section in Coach.
  2. Click New Goal > Personal in the top right and enter the goal title and description. Remember that the best goals are SMART! 
  3. Click Save Changes to finish. 

Your goal will now appear in your goal list and both you and your manager will be able to evaluate (rate) it every week, every other week, or every month according to your rating cadence.


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