The default page when opening the TINYpulse Engage dashboard gives you an overview of the current pulse survey results. It's designed to give you a high-level overview of the feedback you've received via Engage for the most recent survey. Get a quick glance at the survey results, top responses, recent suggestions, and Cheers data grouped by survey. 

Deep dive into responses and suggestions by using the left side menu. 

View Engage pulse survey responses 

View results of anonymous pulse surveys on the Responses page. Change to another survey by clicking the arrow on the graph beside the title TINYpulse for the week of... Both Company and Segment pulses appear in this same dropdown list to easily view any and all feedback. 

All pulses contain a graph to give you a visual summary of your results (all question types, and even for custom questions). 

Benchmarks are displayed once five responses are received. Your Average is a pretty obvious one, the Industry Benchmark is the average for other organizations in the same industry (change your industry setting in Users and Settings -> Account), and the Overall Benchmark is the average for all organizations using TINYpulse. Unfortunately, custom questions don't show Industry and Overall benchmarks since the question is unique to your organization.

Scroll down and you'll see a detailed view of all of the responses plus additional comments that were provided by the responder. Responses are ordered by time by default but you can use the filter to sort by High or Low score. 


Another cool trick is to use the search field to find responses that use certain keywords. For example, your company is awesome and lets employees bring their dogs to work. You want to see if there are any responses referencing the dog policy, so you search for the word "dog" in the search field. Any response containing that particular keyword will be returned. There are hundreds of use cases for this such as 401k, bus pass, flex time, and on and on.

Last but certainly not least, use the filtering options in the top left to view results by certain demographics (Segment and Filter). 

  • Segment: The segment view allows admins to see full survey results for particular groups of employees. At least five active employees must belong to the segment in order to view responses by segment. Segments containing less than five active employees cannot be selected to protect employee anonymity. Selecting multiple segments will allow you to see the combined results from the chosen segments.
  • Filter: The filter view only allows admins to view the question average compared to the industry and overall benchmarks, as well as the response rate. Use this information to get a feel for how this group of employees responded without diving too deep. Since employees can belong to multiple filters, only high-level results can be displayed and detailed responses are hidden to preserve employee anonymity. Filters can only be used to narrow the results - selecting multiple filters allows you to see the results from users who match all of the selected filters. 

If you want to learn more about segments and filters, this article should have what you need to become an expert. 

Take action

Once you're looking at the data you want, you can:

View the linked articles for detailed information about each action.

Send a mass private message

Last but not least, the Responses page makes it easy for you to send private messages to those employees who submitted a response without giving any qualitative feedback. Just click the text in the yellow banner at the top to initiate the dialog.


View additional employee feedback outside of pulse responses on the Suggestions page. View suggestions by time period, filter results by segment and TINYpulse filter, search for keywords within results and take action (move it to "In Progress", tag it, send a private message, add a win).

One major difference has to do with comments. In the LIVEpulse employee view, everyone can view suggestions on the feed. They can vote on their favorites and collaborate with comments. Those comments appear on the admin dashboard in addition to any Admin comments. 

Learn more about how the LIVEpulse feed can help boost employee participation and how to better connect with employees through commenting