Coach Rankings Explained

**This version of Coach was retired in 2019. Please do not refer to these articles unless you are still on the legacy version of Coach.**

Coach is an invaluable tool for managers to effectively coach teams, measure progress, and help employees hit their development goals. If your team utilizes goal rating* by attributing an At, Above, or Below expectations evaluation each period, your team will be categorized as such in real-time. 

This categorization tells you exactly who is meeting their objectives and development targets, and who may need a bit of extra attention and coaching to make sure they have what they need to be successful. It is a straightforward concept, but for those who are wondering about the science behind the categorization, this article will give you all of the information you need to clear up any questions. 

*Note that goal ratings are a completely optional component of Coach. If you don not use ratings at your organization, employees will not be categorized by performance. 

Categorization formula

Chances are good that the performance categorization you see in Coach will not surprise you. But if it does, refer to this info to learn exactly how each employee is ranked. 

Ranking takes into account the rating as well as the number of active goals an employee

The calculation works by attributing a value to each rating during an evaluation period.

  • Below expectations: -1
  • At expectations: 0
  • Above expectations: +1

The values are tallied up and divided by the number of active goals per employee to determine the final ranking. 

  • -1 to -.50: Below expectations
  • -.49 to .50: At expectations
  • .51 to 1: Above expectations

How rankings are used in Coach

Rankings are used in multiple places in Coach, in slightly different ways.

Manage Team

This section is located on the Home dashboard for managers, categorizing each direct report by their average performance level for the entire time they have been your direct report. This includes all active, completed, and archived goals.  

Org Chart

Much like the Manage Team panel on the dashboard, each team and individual is assigned a ranking based on their goal ratings for the entire time they have been using Coach. 

Snapshot Report

Individuals are ranked on the Snapshot report based on their performance ranking for all goals which were active during the selected time period (one month, three months, one year).

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