Send Emails to your Coach Inbox

**This version of Coach was retired in 2019. Please do not refer to these articles unless you are still on the legacy version of Coach.**

Coach is designed to help managers and employees stay aligned, improve performance through regular coaching, and facilitate 1:1 conversations. It is your go-to place to track everything performance-related and PerformSync even lets you incorporate emails into your TINYpulse portfolio.

Simply forward your performance-related emails to TINYpulse Coach and they will automatically appear in your Coach Inbox within seconds. No more messy printouts, manila folders, or handwritten notes needed to keep track of everything!

Once it is in your Inbox, you can attach the email to a goal to show your manager or just so you remember to add some tasks to your to-do list. 

PerformSync accommodates emails sent to, forwarded, CC'd, and BCC'd from any type of mail client, including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo!, etc. You have full flexibility to sync your emails to Coach, so go ahead and give it a try. 

  1. From your email inbox, send, forward, cc, or bcc your email to You do not have to do anything to prepare the message, just find something you want to include in Coach and forward it along. 
  2. In Coach, watch the email instantly appear in your 360 inbox. 
  3. Click the email to expand the details and simply check the goal you want to attach it to. 





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