View Performance Reports with a Snapshot

**This version of Coach was retired in 2019. Please do not refer to these articles unless you are still on the legacy version of Coach.**

The Coach Snapshot report lets you view performance summaries whenever you would like. Be ready to have a performance-related discussion about yourself, your team members, or individuals in your organization at any time, supported by the facts. Why be left speechless in your mid-year or annual review because you cannot remember what was accomplished back at the beginning of the year? Entering performance-related data into Coach all throughout the year prepares you for those important discussions so that you can be ready to sit down and have a meaningful review. 

View performance summaries by email

Monthly performance summary reports are sent by email on the first Tuesday of every month, at 10:00 am, based on your timezone. The data shows a look back at the previous month's performance to show you what went well and what can be improved going forward. 

All Coach users receive a summary report by email. Managers get reports showing statistics for their entire team and employees only see information about their own performance. These reports compile valuable information like the average rating for you or your team, rating alignment, Cheers data and more. The email contains just a preview so click Download Report to get the full version in PDF. Use these monthly summaries to facilitate your 1:1 discussions or help with executive reporting. 

All managers and employees who use Coach can go to Settings to turn off the monthly email report if they do not find it useful. Just uncheck the Coach Monthly Snapshot option under in your profile under Notification Preferences. 

Run a Snapshot report on demand

We know that life happens and review meetings pop up without notice, so you can also run a Snapshot report at your own convenience. This option is perfect for those annual review meetings as you have the flexibility to pick the time period and the target. 

Based on your Coach permissions, you can run a Snapshot report for yourself, your team, any individual, or any team:

  • Admins: Highest level of access. Can run Snapshot reports for any individual or team in the organization.
  • Managers: Can run reports for their team as a whole (cannot run a report for individuals). 
  • Employees: Can run reports only for themselves and their own performance.

Here is how you can run a Snapshot report on-demand: 

  1. Log in to TINYpulse and click over to Coach.
  2. From the dashboard, select Generate Snapshot to get started.
  1. A popover window will appear where you can specify the date range and the format of the report. If you are an admin or manager, you will need to choose if you want to generate a report for your own performance, a team, or an individual.    
    • Select the time frame that you would like to see the data for; Last month, Last 3 months, or Last year
    • Choose your format, either PDF or Excel
    • Managers and Admins need to select the type of report. Options for managers and administrators with direct reports are You, Your Team, Specific Person, or Specific Team.  


  1. Click Done to return back to the dashboard.
  2. Wait for the report to be delivered to your email and open the attachment to view. This process could take a few minutes depending on the time period and the number of members on your team if you are a manager.  

Share Snapshot reports

Snapshot reports are easy to share since they are available in generally accepted PDF and Microsoft Excel formats. Once a report has been downloaded, you can print it to store in your formal HR records, email it out to your leaders, and more. These are invaluable documents to have in order to support you and your team's performance so we highly recommend keeping them to view trends and retain paper trails. 

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