Now that you've been using Coach for a while, you may want to track progress towards goals and view historical ratings. Goal histories contain tons of useful information such as trend line graphs, past ratings, comments, and completed tasks week over week.

View a goal's history

Go to the Goals section in Coach and click on the goal to view the history. If you're a manager with direct reports, your employees are listed horizontally at the top of the screen. Just select the employee you'd like to view first to see their goal list. Employees will only see their own goals in the list.

By default, you'll see all of the information for the past month. Click Change filter in the graph window to adjust the time period. Now you'll see trend information over time and you may scroll down to see side-by-side comparisons of historical ratings, all of the notes, and completed tasks from the manager and the employee.


View feedback attached to goals

In the Inbox, employees can view all of their Cheers and emails they've synced to Coach. They can also attach any of these items to goals to support their performance. If you're a manager and want to see the attachments employees have added to their goals, again, scroll down on the goal screen and switch to Activities. Now you'll see all of the supporting feedback your employees have attached to their goal.