By now, you probably already know that TINYpulse feedback is invaluable and gives you visibility into all areas of employee engagement. Question categories are just one of the many tools that allow you visualize trends based on recognized categories of employee engagement. Not only can you see trends in employee happiness, but also trends in categories such as 'communication and transparency', 'culture', and 'recognition'.

View feedback by category


Log into TINYpulse and go to Data and Insights -> Compare -> Categories to get started. TINYpulse has identified nine specific categories to represent different aspects of employee engagement. Each TINYpulse question has been placed into one category and custom questions are also included in these measures. Results are summarized by category on this page so you can get insights into the areas in which you're doing well, as well as those that can be improved. You can also see how you compare to other org within your industry as well as all other companies using the TINYpulse.


Since benchmarks are used so heavily in this comparison view, this is a good time for a refresher:

  • Industry Benchmark: The average score across all companies in your industry using TINYpulse. Your industry is set in your initial set up, but you can check it or change it in Users and Settings -> Account, by contacting your CSM, or sending an email to
  • Overall Benchmark: The average score across all other companies using TINYpulse.

Summary table

Use the summary table at the top of the page to get a quick glance of average scores and benchmarks for each one of the nine question categories. In this example, I know that this company is in really good shape, culturally because the averages are generally above both the industry and TINYpulse benchmarks. However, the TINYpulse admin for this company should dig down to see what's going on with the feedback from the Individual Performance category since the average is below the benchmarks.

Keep in mind that these numbers are calculated across all questions that have been asked at your org from each category, for the entire time you've been TINYpulsing. Use the trend line graph to dig down into each category and view the trends over time.

View trends over time


The trend line graph lets you dig down to view trends for specific categories over time. It's particularly helpful to track progress towards initiatives you've put in place based on TINYpulse feedback, as well as helping you to identify issues through declining trend lines. Hover over any data point to see your average, industry, and overall benchmarks for that particular week.

Note the three circular charts at the bottom of the graph.

  • Your Average: This is the average score from the most recent survey asked in this category. It's intended to show you where you stand today in comparison to the past.
  • Industry Benchmark: This particular value shows the average for all survey questions asked in this category, from companies in your industry. Use this value to know how you stand in comparison to companies similar to yours. Remember that you can verify or change your industry in Settings.
  • Overall Benchmark: Similar to the industry benchmark, the overall benchmarks shows the average for all survey questions asked in this category, from all companies using TINYpulse Engage.

Your response rate on the far right is only for the last question asked in the category.

View details of past questions

Scroll down to the last section to see a list of past questions. Click on a question to go to the Responses page to view details. Here's a tip, do you see a data point on any of the graphs that looks interesting? Just find that question in the list and click on it for full details of the feedback.