LIVEpulse for TINYpulse changes the way you as an employee give feedback and interact with your TINYpulse administrators to enact positive change. Say 'hello' to improved transparency, better collaboration, and a happier workplace!

If your administrator has enabled the feed in LIVEpulse, you'll be able to vote and comment on suggestions and Wins letting you contribute further towards your company’s direction. Working together with others to find solutions on suggestions and voice your opinion to administrators who can affect change. 

Vote and comment on suggestions and Wins

The best part of LIVEpulse is that it lets everyone collaborate to find solutions to make your workplace better. Think of LIVEpulse as your social media platform to create a happier and more engaging organization. You as an employee submit your anonymous survey responses and suggestions as you normally would, but can take it one step (or two) farther by voting for your favorite suggestions and providing comments.

Here's how it works:

  1. Log in to the employee portal at Alternatively, you can click the link in your regular survey email or open the TINYpulse mobile app. 
  2. Once you're at the feed, you'll see all of the anonymous suggestions that have been made by employees are your company.
  3. Click the thumbs up button to vote for suggestions. Votes are anonymous but administrators can see the tally to know which suggestions are most popular.
  4. Write a comment by clicking the speech bubble icon. This opens a dialog box where you can comment on the anonymous suggestion. Keep in mind that comments will have your name and photo. They are not anonymous. Comments are named to promote accountability between both employees and administrators.
  5. Enter your own comment into the box and post it when you're done.
  6. You can post as many comments as you like and administrators are encouraged to monitor comments to see trends and get a better idea of employee sentiment around the issue at hand.

New comment notifications

If you've submitted a suggestion via TINYpulse to the feed, anyone can view it, vote for it, or comment on it. To keep you in the loop, TINYpulse will send you an email when there's a new comment on your original suggestion. 

But don't worry! Your identity is still 100% anonymous. We just want to keep you posted on the conversation. It's up to you whether or not you want to participate in the dialog or just kick back and watch from afar. 

Don't want others to view/vote for/comment on your suggestion? Select the Share with admins only when submitting a new suggestion next time. 

Remove a comment

We love that your company has opted for a more transparent workplace by sharing TINYpulse survey suggestions via LIVEpulse, but we still want you to feel secure and in control of the feedback that's published. If there's a suggestion or comment which is inappropriate or offensive in any way, administrators can remove it from the live feed immediately from their admin dashboard. Employees can delete their own comments by clicking the trash icon beside your comment. Abusive suggestions or comments should be reported to your TINYpulse administrator.