There are a number of problems that can lead to employees not receiving their TINYpulse survey. It could be from deliverability issues, your company's spam filter, or an incorrect email address. Here are some of the most common problems related to lost surveys and how to resolve them.

Correct an email address

It sounds obvious, but you'd be surprised how easy it is to mistype an email address! And if the address isn't accurate, then we can't deliver the survey to the employee. If an employee reports they haven't received their TINYpulse survey, your local TINYpulse administrator should be the first line of defense to rule out or confirm an email address typo or mismatch;

  1. Admins should go to the Users and Settings -> People section in the administrator dashboard to verify the employee's email address. 
  2. Find the user's name in the list and double click to edit.
  3. Correct the email address and click Save to update. 


If you're an administrator and have verified the email address is indeed correct in TINYpulse, keep on reading for more troubleshooting techniques.

Check your company's spam filter settings

Spam filters usually do a great job of keeping our email inboxes clear of clutter. However, sometimes, they work against us and keep important emails from being delivered. Learn how to add TINYpulse to your safe-sender list to avoid sending TINYpulse emails to your spam box. 


Resend a lost survey

In some cases, the employee is in fact receiving the TINYpulse emails, but they've deleted the email or it's gotten buried in their email inbox. We've all had it happen to us. Fortunately, we have just the tool for sending lost survey links if your employees happen to lose their survey email.

Simply go to the response check page and enter the employee's email address into the space provided. Once you've done that, they'll automatically receive an email prompting them to fill out that week's survey. 


Contact us

And if all of this fails, open the chat window from the TINYpulse admin dashboard to talk to someone from the support team, or send an email to