The first step in collecting feedback and enacting change to build a better workplace is inviting employees to TINYpulse. Adding people is easy and they'll be on their way to giving feedback via their first pulse survey in minutes. Here's everything you need to know. 

In this article

  1. Invite people to TINYpulse
  2. Customize your invitation email
  3. Permissions
  4. Status
  5. Upload employees by .csv

Invite people to TINYpulse

(i) You must have Admin or Super Admin permissions in Engage or Onboard in order to send invites. 

The only thing you need to invite employees to TINYpulse is their name and email address. However, we do recommend adding some additional information such as start date, manager, and position for better categorization and to get deeper insights into your data.  

1. Log in to TINYpulse and go to the Users and Settings section by clicking the people icon in the upper-right navigation.

2. Click Add People in the left side menu. 

3. Enter the name and email addresses of the employees to be invited.

4. Additionally, enter the start date, manager, segment, filter, and position title. These fields are optional but data is used to give deeper insights on your data. 

5. If your organization doesn't have Onboard or Coach enabled, skip down to step 8. 

6. Decide whether you want these invitees to start off receiving Onboard or Engage pulses. Keep the Onboard checkbox selected if they're new hires to collect feedback about their onboarding experience. Deselect it and they'll only receive anonymous Engage surveys. Employees starting off with Onboard pulse surveys can still send Cheers and anonymous suggestions immediately, but they won't receive an Engage survey until their sixth week at your organization. Learn more.

7. If you have Coach enabled in TINYpulse, select the Coach checkbox to give the new user access, or keep it deselected it to exclude them. When that box isn't checked, the invited user will not be able to access Coach. However, you can always add them later by opening their profile and adjusting their Coach permissions. Learn more

8. Click Add more if you have more than three employees to invite. 

9. Once you've added everyone, click Send Invites to finish. 

Employees who are set to receive Onboard pulses will get an invitation email within the hour. The email has a link that lets them set their TINYpulse password, give anonymous suggestions, and send Cheers. Their first Onboard pulse will be sent the next Wednesday after they've completed at least one week at your organization. If you're curious, take a look at the First Survey date on the confirmation screen after your invites are sent to know exactly when the first pulse will go out. 


If you've deselected the Onboard checkbox for an invitee, they'll get an email with their first Engage pulse question within the hour. They'll receive the email in their inbox and can click the link to complete the signup process and respond to their first question immediately.

Customize your invitation email

If you'd like to enter your own message introducing TINYpulse to employees, select the Preview and create a custom message link on the Invite screen. Here, you'll be able to preview the invitation emails for both Onboard and Engage and enter your own introductory message to new TINYpulse users. 

When you enter and save your own custom message, it's applied to all future invite emails unless you change it or revert it back to the default TINYpulse text. 


All users invited to TINYpulse will be assigned the lowest possible level of access to prevent any security mishaps. Take a look through this article for more information about default permissions and assigning a higher level of access to new employees. 


Employees appear in the People list immediately once you've sent invitations. Here you can filter employees by status to find out who is receiving Engage pulses and who is getting Onboard, who is missing exit details, and more. 

After a few days or weeks, it's a good idea to send a reminder to those people who may have missed their invite and haven't signed up yet. Just click Send Reminders to trigger an email as a friendly reminder to these employees to set their TINYpulse passwords so they can respond to surveys, give anonymous suggestions, and send Cheers. 

Upload employees by CSV

Reach out to your friendly customer success manager or send us an email at if you have a bunch of users to invite and want some help. We can provide you with an Excel file for you to fill out (or you can edit your exported user list) and return it to us for a quick and easy upload.