If your organization uses Microsoft Teams, you don't need us to tell you how powerful this hub is for collaboration, file sharing, online meetings, and more. Since it's probably one of your main go-to applications at the office, we had to jump on the bandwagon and bring TINYpulse to Microsoft Teams!

Install TINYpulse for Microsoft Teams to get notifications when new surveys are ready, and let employees respond directly within Teams without having to log in to TINYpulse to give anonymous feedback. You can also stream Cheers, suggestions, initiatives, and Wins all to Teams to bring TINYpulse into the application employees use most.

Teams Administrators who have access to install apps for the company can install it just once to give all users access to this time-saving integration. 

Install TINYpulse for Microsoft Teams

If you don't have access to install apps in Microsoft Teams, please speak with one of your friendly IT support staff for assistance. You'll need administrator permissions to both Teams and TINYpulse to complete this install. 

If you want to enable pulse survey delivery to Teams (trust us, you do), the first step is installing the TINYpulse app. If you also want to stream Cheers and/or suggestions, initiatives, and Wins, be sure to complete both parts of the install process below. 

Create a TINYpulse Team

Before you install the app, you should create on Team specifically for TINYpulse. Be sure to add all of your TINYpulse users to this Team, otherwise, they won't see the app once you've finished with the install. 

Install the TINYpulse app

1. Go to the Microsoft Teams app store and search for the TINYpulse app. 

2. Click on the TINYpulse app and configure the bot. We recommend toggling Yes to both options.

3. Select your TINYpulse Team from the dropdown list. This is the only Team that will have the TINYpulse app added to their account so make sure all of your TINYpulse users are a member! 

4. Click the Install button and you'll see that the TINYpulse bot has been added to the apps list of the team you enabled it for. 

5. All users in the Team you've integrated will get pinged by the TINYpulse-bot the next time a survey is open, where they can respond 100% anonymously right from their app without even having to log in to TINYpulse.

Connect the Cheers and Wins feeds

In addition to survey delivery, you can stream certain pieces of feedback to Teams so employees don't have to visit TINYpulse to view them. 

  • Cheers Feed: View Cheers in real-time to amplify recognition. All public Cheers are streamed to a dedicated Teams channel to increase visibility. 
  • Wins Feed: Singular feed where all anonymous suggestions, initiatives, and Wins are streamed in real-time. Employees can see what feedback is coming through and what progress is being made all from the comfort of Teams. 

These two feeds are configured separately (but it will only take a moment!) and you'll need to think about where to stream these items before you start. While you can stream the Wins feed to any one of your existing public Teams channels like #general, we recommend you create a new one or two specifically for the Cheers and Wins feeds.

Our recommendation is to create one new channel specifically for Cheers and another one specifically for Suggestions/Initiatives/Wins. Reason being, the volume of Cheers tends to be much higher than the others combined so your other feedback could get buried if you use one channel for both. 

1. Create new channels in Teams for the Cheers and Wins Feeds. 

2. Open TINYpulse and go to Users and Settings -> Integrations and find Teams in the list. 

3. Click to open the Microsoft Teams configuration page and select Connect.

4. Sign in with your Microsoft account if prompted. You won't get prompted if you're already signed in. 

5. When you return back to the configuration page in TINYpulse, the button should now be gray and read Disconnect. 

6. Now add the feeds. Select the Cheers Feed from the first drop down, and the associated Teams channel on the right and click Add.

7. Do the same for the Wins Feed.

And you're done! visit Teams to see your Cheers and suggestions, initiatives, and Wins rolling right into your app.