If your organization uses Microsoft Outlook as the primary email client and also subscribes to TINYpulse, you're in luck! The TINYpulse Outlook Add-In is the most convenient way for avid Outlook users to send Cheers. Read on for some tips on getting the most out of this feature. 

But first, you need to install the TINYpulse add-in. Start here if you haven't done that step yet. 

It's undeniable; everyone loves Cheers. It always feels good to be recognized for a job well done, and it feels even better to express gratitude and bring sunshine to someone's day by taking a moment to send a Cheer. The TINYpulse add-in for Outlook makes sending Cheers easier than ever, especially for those of us who live in their Outlook email.

Send a Cheers with the Outlook add-in

Cheers can be sent to anyone within your organization and even externally, with the Outlook add-in. Once you're logged in, click the TINYpulse lotus icon in the upper right of the main toolbar to open the right-side panel. Enter the name of the Cheers recipient, your message, add an optional image, and click Send. The recipient will then get the standard Cheers email as a notification. 

Send a Cheers to an email sender

Let's imagine you're going through your emails and you get an email from someone with good news; maybe they passed a big project milestone or offered to take a piece of work off of your plate. Send them a Cheer! If they are a TINYpulse user for your organization's account and they also use Outlook, then it is as simple as just clicking the TINYpulse lotus icon from Outlook. The To field in the Cheer will pre-populate with the email sender's email address, so you just need to enter your message, add an image (because Cheers are always more fun and unique with images), and Send

Send a Cheers to meeting attendees

The third tip for sending Cheers via the Outlook add-in is to send one to meeting attendees. From your calendar, open any invite and click the TINYpulse lotus icon to open the side panel. If they are a TINYpulse user for your organization's account and they also use Outlook, then all meeting attendees will pre-populate the To field. Enter your message (don't forget an image!) and you're done.