To-do's in Coach are a great way to lay out the tasks that need to be accomplished in order to reach your goals and stay organized throughout the week. If you're an aficionado of organization or a procrastinator who needs some help holding themselves accountable, we're sure that you've already heard of Wunderlist and love it; just like the rest of their millions of users.

Enable Wunderlist in TINYpulse Coach to sync up your to-do's to stay organized and get closer to achieving your goals every day.

Enable the Wunderlist integration

To integrate Wunderlist with Coach, you need a Wunderlist account and access to TINYpulse Coach.

  1. Make sure you have a Wunderlist account. Visit their website to get started:

  2. Log in to TINYpulse Coach and go to Settings in the left navigation. 

  3. Click Connect and sign in with your Wunderlist email address and password. 

  4. Authorize TINYpulse to access your Wunderlist account. 


  1. And you're done! Now go to the Wunderlist app to view your new goal to-do lists and keep reading to learn more about how it works.

If you decide that you don't want to sync your TINYpulse Coach to-do lists with Wunderlist, just go back to Settings and click Disconnect. All of the existing goal lists will stay in Wunderlist, but they won't be synced with Coach any longer. Delete the lists in Wunderlist to remove them from the app and just track your to-do's in Coach.

How it works


Once the Wunderlist integration has been enabled, open the Wunderlist app where you'll see a new list for each one of your Coach goals and all of the open to-do's that you've already created. Going forward, these Wunderlists lists and Coach to-do lists will be synced in real time.

Create a to-do in Coach and watch it appear on the associated list in Wunderlist, and vice versa. Check off an item from Wunderlist and it will also be checked in Coach. When you create or get assigned to a new Coach goal, a new list will be automatically be created in Wunderlist. But if there are any goals that you don't want to use Wunderlist to track tasks, just delete the list in Wunderlist and it won't come back. Note that this will not archive, complete, or delete the goal in Coach. It will just remove the to-do list from syncing with Wunderlist.

By now you might be wondering if this integration will hijack your Wunderlist and sync every single list up to TINYpulse Coach, and the answer is no! So keep on tracking the movies you want to watch and your grocery list in Wunderlist because they wont be synced. You can create as many lists in Wunderlist as you'd like, but the only ones that will sync are the automatically generated lists for each of your Coach goals.

Sharing lists

You can share your TINYpulse Coach to-do lists with other team members, as long as they have a Wunderlist account. However, a shared list from your Coach account, will not sync to theirs. So they can see your to-do's in Wunderlist, but they won't be synced to their Coach account.

Assigning tasks


You can assign to-do's to other Coach users in Wunderlist after you've shared the list with them. Again, the other person will be notified of the tasks that have been assigned to them in Wunderlist, but the to-do will not be synced to their Coach account. But if they check off the task, it will checked off in your Coach account. Please reach out to us if any of these is confusing and you need clarification on how sharing and assigning in Wunderlist works with TINYpulse Coach. Just send us an email at or open the chat window in the lower right corner of Coach to reach the customer success team directly.


Make no mistake, this integration will help you get things done and keep your goals at the top of your mind. But there are a few limitations with Coach's integration with Wunderlist. Wunderlist is a robust, task tracking application (and just super cool), and we at TINYpulse like to keep things "tiny". We've focused on syncing to-do's, and have left the additional features in the hands of Wunderlist.

Due dates, reminders, sub tasks, and notes

If you set a due date or a reminder, add sub tasks or notes in Wunderlist, they will only appear in Wunderlist and won't be synced to Coach. You'll still see the to-do if you check your Coach to-do list, but you won't see any of the additional details. But they'll work perfectly find from the Wunderlist app, so go ahead and set some targets for yourself.

Sharing and assigning

You can still share your TINYpulse goal lists in Wunderlist itself, but the lists won't be synced to the other members' Coach account. They'll only be visible in the Coach account of the owner. If you assign a to-do in Wunderlist to another TINYpulse user, that also will not appear in their TINYpulse account. It will just exist in their Wunderlist app. But the to-do will be checked off if they mark it done in Wunderlist, and it will also be deleted if they delete it in Wunderlist.

Basically, any actions that the members do in Wunderlist who you've shared with, will reflect in your Coach account and not theirs. Including completing to-do's, deleting, and creating new ones.


TINYpulse Coach doesn't support this. #sorry

Professional features

Unfortunately, all of the professional features of Wunderlist are not supported :(