Having trouble keeping track of your TINYpulse survey emails? Do you ever get the idea to send Cheers but don't feel like taking the time to log in to TINYpulse? If Slack is an everyday necessity for you, TINYpulse has good news!

The TINYpulse-bot for Slack notifies you when you have a new survey ready and lets you respond directly in the app. You can also send Cheers and give anonymous suggestions at whatever moment is convenient without ever having to dig up a TINYpulse email or open a new tab in your browser.

If your administrator has already connected the TINYpulse-bot for Slack, there's nothing you need to do. From now on, your TINYpulse surveys will be delivered by the usual email, along with a Slack notification from the TINYpulse-bot. Read on to learn how to use these convenient functions.

Respond to your TINYpulse survey via Slack

Answering a TINYpulse survey is always easy, but being able to respond via Slack is one of the easiest and quickest methods available. Here's a quick run down to get you started.

Scale and boolean questions

  1. Wait for a ping from the TINYpulse-bot with your next survey question.


  1. Select your response from the dropdown list for scale or boolean questions (open text questions understandably don't come with a list of options).
  2. Making your selection is the first step, but you still have to explain why you gave that response. Just as in the TINYpulse app, additional detail is not required, but it's a good practice to always give qualitative feedback. Enter /response and then your text.
  3. Press the Enter button on your computer to submit your qualitative feedback and you're done!


Open text questions

If your next question is open text like "What's one thing we're not doing but should consider doing to be more successful?", just follow steps 3 and 4 above to submit your response.

Send Cheers and give suggestions

TINYpulse is an application that can be used daily. With so many different channels for giving feedback on the fly, like through the mobile application or with the Google Chrome plug-in, the TINYpulse Bot for Slack might just be the most convenient yet. You already use Slack all throughout the workday, so why not give an anonymous suggestion right when it pops into your head or send a few Cheers to give others the recognition they've earned? 

Plain text Cheers

Text Cheers are great if you're in a rush. Just type /cheers @[slackuser] [your text]. Here's an example:

/cheers @Hannah Thanks for all of your help over the past few weeks! You're the best :)

You can also send Cheers to multiple recipients by typing in multiple Slack users in a row, without commas or anything in between like: /cheers @hannah @tracy You two are amazing teammates!

Once you click Enter, the Cheers is sent and the recipient notified by email.

Anonymous suggestions

Now that you know how to respond to your TINYpulse survey and send Cheers via Slack, you can probably figure out how to submit a suggestion. Just type /suggestion [your text] and that's all there is to it!

/suggestion Can we move the monthly all hands meeting to Wednesday afternoons instead of Friday? It will really help those who have a long commute home at the end of the week.

Join in the conversation

If your TINYpulse administrator has enabled the Wins Feed and Cheers feed, you can view all anonymous suggestions, TINYpulse initiatives being worked on, Wins, and Cheers right in Slack. (Don't know what this means? Start here). 

Additionally, you can post your comments on these items in a thread and they'll be recorded in TINYpulse so the conversation is available to everyone, everywhere. This works vice versa as well. Post a comment in TINYpulse and it will also be posted to the thread in Slack. 

Comment here...

...and it's also posted here. 

Our commitment to anonymity

TINYpulse is 100% committed to employee anonymity. Your trust is important to us, and we truly care about opening lines of communication between employees and leaders, so we'd never betray our customer's anonymity in any way unless the feedback is abusive or harmful.

Rest assured that your anonymity in responding to surveys and giving suggestions via Slack is guaranteed. Responses and anonymous suggestions are encrypted before being transmitted from Slack to TINYpulse via web API. Also, administrators of Slack do not have access to view direct messages between you and the TINYpulse-bot so your anonymity is guaranteed 100%. 

Learn more about our commitment to anonymity.