You've already taken an incredible first step to building a better culture by giving employees a powerful communication platform like TINYpulse. But asking for feedback and not doing anything with it is almost worse than not asking for it at all!

The #1 reason why employees stop giving their feedback via TINYpulse is that they feel like administrators aren't taking action. So this is exactly why it's so important to be transparent with TINYpulse feedback and demonstrate the steps you're taking to affect positive change based on their TINYpulse contributions. One way we recommend doing this is with the real-time feed in the LIVEpulse employee portal. 

The real-time feed contains all anonymous suggestions, initiatives from your Wins Board, Wins, and Cheers. Depending on your settings, employees can even vote for their favorites and post non-anonymous comments to collaborate directly in TINYpulse. 

To protect against any misuse and abuse of the platform, controls are in place to automatically hide any items from the employee feed which contain harmful language. In addition, there's a flag button for anyone to report items as abuse. 

The real-time feed is enabled automatically and it can be disabled by a TINYpulse administrator at any time by going to Users and Settings -> Settings -> LIVEpulse Settings and disabling the first option.