You've accomplished a lot. Celebrate your Happiness Score on the web with a TINYbadge. 


It's easy, quick, and shows your clients, employees, partners, and colleagues that you have a great workplace. The TINYbadge works with any website that allows custom HTML. Display it on your 'About Us' page, in a blog post, or on the 'Careers' section of your website.

(i) You must have Super Admin or Admin permissions in Engage to access the TINYbadge code in Settings. 

Here's how to access it:

  1. Log into TINYpulse and go to Users and Settings -> Settings -> TINYbadge.


  1. Copy the embed code and paste into your blog post, landing page, or website theme where you'd like your TINYbadge to appear.
  2. After pasting the embed code, be sure to save the changes so your website visitors will see your TINYbadge right away.

When your web visitors click your TINYbadge, they'll be directed to a page where they'll learn more about TINYpulse Happiness Scores, how they are calculated, and why having a great score matters!

Happiness score calculation and updates

The Happiness score reflected on the badge is the average of your last four "How happy are you at work?" pulses. 

One thing to note is that TINYbadges update in real time. For example, you put a badge on a blog post and visitors to the post will see your Happiness score for the last four Happiness pulses. Whenever your org sends out a new Happiness pulse, the score on the TINYbadge in your blog post will also update. This is done so visitors can see how happy employees are currently, and not specifically at the time you embedded the TINYbadge.

Check your current score anytime by viewing the preview at Settings -> Apps -> TINYbadge. The number that you see here is reflected in all TINYbadges that you've embedded outside of TINYpulse.