Does your organization subscribe to G Suite? Want to save time inviting employees to TINYpulse?

If your organization uses Google as your email server or G Suite for work, you can take advantage of expedited user management in TINYpulse. Integrating TINYpulse with your company's existing G Suite subscription will systematically simplify user management. Whenever a new employee is added to Google, the information can be transferred to TINYpulse saving administrators time in inviting employees one by one.


In order to set up this integration, you'll need these three things:

  1. A G Suite for work subscription. 
  2. Admin rights to your G Suite instance.
  3. Admin rights in TINYpulse.

If you're missing any one of these three things, please contact your in-house technical team for assistance.

How it works

The TINYpulse integration for Google simply saves admins time and ensures you never forget to add a new employee to TINYpulse again. The first think you need to do is enable the integration. Read on to the next section for step by step instructions, but first, here's what you'll get once you've completed the initial set up. 

Once a new employee is added to your G Suite instance, TINYpulse will detect the new user. Any TINYpulse admin that visits Settings in TINYpulse will see a banner notifying them that a new user or users have been detected, and they can be imported from there. Click the link and the new users' email addresses will be pre-populated in the Invite People page, and first and last names captured for the employees' profiles. From here, you can invite them to TINYpulse immediately, or take a moment to enter some additional information like manager, position title, and segment.

Integrate TINYpulse with G Suite

Whether you've just subscribed to TINYpulse or you've been with us for a while and are looking to save yourself some time, integrating with your Google directory is a great way to manage employee invitations. 

1. Log in to TINYpulse and go to Users and Settings -> Integrations

2. Find Google Suite in the list, click to open, and select Connect.


3. Google will verify your email address and request access to TINYpulse. From here, Google will also ask you to authorize the team access. 

4. You'll be asked to grant permissions to TINYpulse to the G Suite instance. Read the message and select Allow

5. Once you've accepted, the integration is complete an you'll be redirected back to the configuration page.

Sync users from Google to TINYpulse

Now that you've enabled the Google integration with TINYpulse, you can take advantage of the many benefits of directly syncing employees. Depending on your org and your processes, you can sync users to TINYpulse from Google as often as you'd like on demand, or systematically once a week or even once a day. Since it's a manual syncing process, you have the flexibility to control the schedule and frequency so be sure to define it with the rest of your admin team. 

  1. Open Settings by clicking on the people icon in the top right toolbar in TINYpulse. 
  2. TINYpulse will detect new employees from your Google account and you'll be alerted with a yellow banner at the top of the screen. Select Click here to invite to start the sync. 


  1. Review the list and remove any users that you want to skip by clicking the x beside the email address. Skipping an email address will mark it so that you won't be prompted to add it again next time and it also won't appear in the alert. 


  1. TINYpulse will pull in email, first name, last name, and start dates for all employees in the list. Read through to verify the information is correct and add additional fields like manager, segment, and position title. 
  2. Keep the Onboard checkbox selected if you want the employee to receive new hire pulse surveys first

    6.Click Send Invites to complete. 

Note that TINYpulse doesn't organize users based on their Google Directory group membership, so you or another TINYpulse administrator will have to add them to segments and filters if you didn't enter that information when inviting them to TINYpulse.