Cheers are the most viral component in TINYpulse, which means you've probably seen a ton of peer recognition sent through the platform. And as an administrator, you have so many ways to share and elevate this recognition! It feels great to receive a Cheer but you can actually amplify the appreciation by making Cheers publicly available to employees. Read on for all the ways you can make Cheers more accessible. 

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  2. Streaming Culture feed
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  4. Social media

TINYpulse in-app Cheers feed

Employees visit the TINYpulse web application on a regular basis to respond to pulse surveys, send Cheers, and give anonymous suggestions. And if you have the feed enabled, they can even view, vote, and comment on feedback to collaborate with admins to make positive improvements. 

Since employees are already used to going to TINYpulse, the best way to share Cheers is to enable the in-app Cheers feed. Employees can visit it at anytime to browse through their peers' recognition as well as "like" Cheers they find the most meaningful. 

Enable the LIVEpulse Cheers feed by going to Users and Settings -> Settings -> LIVEpulse and selecting the fifth item in the list "Make the real-time Cheers feed available to highlight recognition." Optionally, you can also enable the third item to "Allow employees to upvote items on the feed they think are important" to let other employees further appreciate the Cheers recipient. 

Employees will now see a Cheers menu item in their feed where they can scroll through and "like" their favorites and comment whenever they have a moment. The Cheers feed is also available on the TINYpulse mobile app to make browsing easy on the go.

Streaming Culture Feed

Got a spare TV laying around your office? Celebrate Cheers, Wins and more with your employees by streaming your TINYpulse Culture Feed to a TV screen in your office space.

Check out this article to learn more about how to set up your Culture Feed. 

Slack Cheers feed

If your organization uses Slack, you can quickly configure a #Cheers channel to stream Cheers to Slack in real-time. Then, employees can contribute their own additional appreciation by adding reactions and even send their own well wishes with comments. Head on over here to find out how. 

Social media

If employees are looking to amplify the celebration and brag about their accomplishments in the workplace, encourage them to share Cheers to social media. Anyone can share Cheers they've received to their LinkedIn profile and Facebook pages to celebrate with their professional and personal networks.