If your organization uses a SAML Identity Provider like Okta or PingFederate for app consolidation and password storage, you can take advantage of the benefits of single sign-on with TINYpulse. Configure the integration once and save employees from password fatigue in having to maintain a separate login for TINYpulse. 

Configure SAML integration

If your company's SAML Identity Provider is OneLogin, Okta, PingFederate, or ADFS you're in luck! TINYpulse supports SAML integration with these IPs, so just reach out to your friendly customer success manager to get set up.

If you're on any other Identity Provider like Salesforce or something else, please send us an email at support@tinypulse.com. We'd love to hear more about what our customers are using in order to improve our SAML SSO offering. 

Sign in using SSO

Once you've completed the SAML integration between your identity provider (OneLogin, Okta, PingFederate, or ADFS) and TINYpulse, the next step is to read up on the protocol for signing in. This information will help you guide and assist employees with this process so make sure you're clear about this ever-so-important sign in info!

TINYpulse users who already have passwords

Any of your existing users who have already set their TINYpulse password will be directed back to your Identity Provider's portal if they try to log in directly at https://app.tinypulse.com They won't be able to use their existing TINYpulse password any longer and should just access TINYpulse directly via your company's portal. 

Newly invited TINYpulse users

If you've invited people to TINYpulse after integrating with your SAML Identity Provider, these users don't have to set a TINYpulse password (woohoo!) and will need to sign in and access TINYpulse using your company's Identity Portal. 

For your reference, here's a list of entry points to TINYpulse and the corresponding user experience:

  • TINYpulse email: If an SSO user clicks a link in a TINYpulse email (survey, survey reminder, Cheers, private message), we'll direct them to the Identity Portal for sign in and then send them to the correct location in TINYpulse. 
  • https://app.tinypulse.com: If an SSO user goes directly to app.tinypulse.com without being signed in to your SAML Identity Provider, they will not be able to sign in and they'll receive an error message. They need to log in to the Identity Portal first, then they can go to app.tinypulse.com to get to the application. 
  • Mobile app: Download the TINYpulse mobile to give feedback and send Cheers on the go. Visit the App or Play Store, download the app, and you'll redirect to your company's Identity Portal to log in the first time. Once your authenticated, you'll stay logged in until you log out. 
  • Google Chrome plugin: If you're a Chrome user, you can access TINYpulse surveys, suggestions, and Cheers via a handy browser plugin. Much the same as the mobile app, you'll be redirected to your Identity Provider to log in the first time, and will stay logged in after that.