Ever wanted to compare apples to apples with other organizations that are within the same industry as your own? Industry Benchmarks can help you do it.

We know the value of understanding where your company fits within the spectrum of a competitive environment, so this is exactly why we developed a way for you to see exactly how you stack up against companies that share the same industry as your own. Be it healthcare, technology, marketing or finance, we've got a plethora of industry options to choose from.

Select your industry   


We've already selected a default industry for you as a part of the initial configuration, however, if you feel there's another industry that better fits your business, you're welcome to change it as you see it fit. In order to protect the integrity of the benchmarks, admins can only change the industry designation one time. If you need to need to update your industry more than once, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at support@tinypulse.com.


View or adjust your industry by going to  Users and Settings -> Account and click Edit in the top panel. Now, use the industry dropdown menu to make your selection. Choose an industry that best fits your organization and click Update to save your changes.


Please note that only Engage Super Admins and Admins can change an organization's industry. Segment Admin and Viewer roles are not permitted to do so.

Now that you've updated your industry, your future surveys will show your updated Industry Benchmark. We'll retain your previous industry designation for past survey results and your new industry will only apply for TINYpulses going forward.