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Respond to a TINYpulse Engage survey



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    Heather McCoy

    Hopefully this is more helpful than annoying - I found some typos in this post:

    • 3rd sentence in the intro paragraph: "The most fundamental component of TINYpulse for employees if responding to your TINYpulse survey." - should be "is responding to your TINYpulse survey."
    • the "Slack" bullet under Access TINYpulse: "If you're admin has enabled TINYpulse for Slack, you can do everything "TINYpulse" without ever having to leave your Slack app!" - should be "If your admin has enabled TINYpulse"
    • 2nd sentence under "Respond to your TINYpulse Engage survey": "Surveys are alway delivered on Wednesdays so keep an eye out for it!" - should be "Surveys are always delivered on Wednesdays, so keep an eye out for it!"
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    TINYpulse Support

    Thanks Heather! Appreciate your keen eye. 

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